BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg


Our campus is equipped with a veritable A to Z of facilities required for the study of architecture, ranging from state of the art studios to the central examinations office. In addition to prospective architects, civil and supply engineers (belonging to the same department), social education workers and musical educators also receiving training on campus. 

Since 1992, the campus has used several buildings which formerly belonged to an army barracks south of Cottbus (Sachsendorf district) and have now been supplemented by the construction of a laboratory.

The campus’ relative youth is reflected in the modern design and layout of the buildings. 

The majority of studies are spent in building 9, where the student studios, seminar rooms and lecture rooms are located. The lecturers’ offices, the secretary’s office and the bulletin board with information relating to individual courses are also located on the second floor.

A newly equipped, well-arranged library containing current (architectural) magazines and books, and the university administration offices with enrolment and examinations office can be found next door in building 7. 

Our new canteen has become a popular meeting place and an indispensable part of the campus. It provides us with an impressive breakfast buffet, various lunch options or just snacks and coffee. Seats on the terrace in front of the canteen are greatly coveted during breaks and in the warm summer months. Nevertheless, the lawns under the high pines between the individual buildings are also extremely inviting. Holding seminars outdoors is a not unknown phenomenon in summer!

Map of the campus